Monday, July 13, 2009

The Ronchamp Eave: Transportation of Meaning

“The new words of architecture that Le Corbusier forged throughout his life became seminal, not only for himself, but for others. Because they have visual strength and were functionally based, they found a world audience...” - Charles Jenks, Le Corbusier and the Continual Revolution in Architecture.

This is especially true in Palm Springs where Le Corbusier’s influence, particularly in the curve and sweep of the Ronchamp Chapel’s eave (1955) can be seen in a number of local buildings. In addition to the previously cited Fresh & Easy Building, other examples include Rudy Baumfeld's City National Bank (a Class 1 Site), The PartyLab Building, a Palm Canyon Liquor Store and two homes by Le Corbusier apprentice Albert Frey.


  1. Patrick,
    You have such a great eye...I've long admired some of the buildings you mention, especially Frey's liquor store. There are a few other buildings around the valley that also borrow the style of the Ronchamp eave. Thanks for this highly interesting and fun post!

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